I mentioned in a previous blog post that May is World Trade Month; it is also the month in which the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation forum (APEC), Chaired by China

The month of May is “World Trade Month” and an appropriate time to reflect on how international trade benefits the United States. With a number of trade agreements under negotiation and some close to being concluded, the United States has a busy trade agenda this year, and that is a good thing for our continued economic growth, job creation, and global competitiveness

As information and communications technology (ICT) rapidly develops and advances, access to advanced communications products and services is increasingly important for those with disabilities. TIA’s manufacturer, supplier, and vendor company members are long-standing supporters of inclusion for all populations in access to these important products and services.

TIA believes that by taking an approach consistent with our views as the recommendations on improving cybersecurity and resilience through acquisition are implemented, the Federal government can continue to improve the resiliency of the ICT it purchases, from standard uses to those that are highly-sensitive and mission-critical. We look forward to future engagement with GSA, DoD, and other Federal agencies as policies are formulated and implemented pursuant to the EO and the Report.

Remote monitoring and PGHD should become elemental to the efficient delivery of healthcare. Right now, TIA is working with its members and other stakeholders to advance this cause, and we call on Congress and the Federal agencies to join us both in the short- and long-term. With this needed support, the U.S. healthcare system can pass the tipping point and move to a connected and enhanced system that will set the gold standard for the rest of the globe.

The Internet is “everything” – it positively impacts so many aspects of the personal and professional lives of people around the world, as well as being a vital mechanism for governments to deliver services to its citizens.

Two weeks ago, the FCC announced that it plans to consider revisions to the Commission’s rules on mobile wireless services onboard aircraft.  As the leading trade association representing the manufacturers and suppliers of information and communications technology (ICT), TIA strongly supports the FCC’s efforts to overhaul these outdated regulations.  We also strongly believe that much of the criticism of the FCC’s announcement has been based on inaccurate information.  So let’s get the facts straight.

We hope that China will use this break in the negotiations to reexamine its approach to the negotiations to expand the ITA and focus on reducing its overly large list of sensitive products. If China is ready to move forward to conclude the expansion of the ITA this year then the ITA Expansion is achievable this year.

As part of a large U.S. industry delegation representing a broad array of ICT manufacturers, TIA is in Geneva, Switzerland this week to cheer on the trade negotiators who are working hard to conclude the negotiations to expand the product coverage of the WTO’s Information Technology Agreement (ITA). The ITA remains one of the most commercially important WTO trade agreements – by eliminating tariffs on a broad range of ICT products, the ITA lowers the cost and improves access to these products, which are vital to the economic competitiveness of all economies around the world.

The Telecommunications Industry Association was in Geneva last week along with AdvaMed, the Consumer Electronics Association, the Entertainment Software Association, the Information Technology Industry Council, the Liquid Crystal Polymer Coalition, the Motion Picture Association of America, and the Semiconductor Industry Association. This coalition of high-tech companies represents a broad spectrum of manufacturers and service providers in the information and communication technology (ICT) sector.


Critics of the FCC’s plan to remove Title II regulation of the internet often ignore one fundamental point: nearly everyone in the tech industry, from the smallest start-ups to the largest ISPs, ag

** This editorial first apepared in the Detroit News on on July 6, 2017.

TIA was proud to host “Securing the IoT Network – A Policy Forum” on Thursday, June 8 as a  part of a new series of Capitol Hill educational events the association i

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