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Today, the U.S. House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed the 21st Century Cures Act by a vote of 344-77.

On Friday, February 6th, the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) sent comments (and separately joined a diverse group of industry stakeholders in a letter) urging the Department of Health

Those who are familiar with TIA's priorities in the healthcare space know that we have consistently urged policymakers for much wider support of telehealth and remote patient monitoring than what is in effect today.

Yesterday marked the beginning of 9th annual National Health IT Week, where public and private stakeholders from across the health care spectrum come together for events throughout Washington, DC a

Advances in information and communications technology continue to shape how health care is delivered and consumed. In order to ensure that we are realizing the full potential of these advances, it is vital that the United States have in place policies and practices that promote development in this important sector, including a regulatory framework that reduces barriers to innovation and provides predictability.

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