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Two weeks ago, the FCC announced that it plans to consider revisions to the Commission’s rules on mobile wireless services onboard aircraft.  As the leading trade association representing the manufacturers and suppliers of information and communications technology (ICT), TIA strongly supports the FCC’s efforts to overhaul these outdated regulations.  We also strongly believe that much of the criticism of the FCC’s announcement has been based on inaccurate information.  So let’s get the facts straight.

Usable spectrum has become a limiting factor in the growth of wireless technologies and deployment, and the growth of M2M will place even greater demand on networks that are nearing, or at, capacit

M2M communications is the latest example of how wireless networks are revolutionizing global business.  Around the world, industries—from health care to transportation—depend on broadband networks

How Policy, Politics and Power Are Shaping the Future of the ICT Industry

Grant Seiffert, President and CEO of TIA, provides his insight into future of the ICT industry.

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