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Daksha Bhasker, Bell Canada

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a complex internetwork intertwining everything. Billions of objects and people will communicate with each other every millisecond around the clock: some simultaneously, others intermittently or in bursts, some broadcasting to all recipients, others on command, observing communication channels, in bidirectional, hierarchical and multivariate patterns.

RF Academics and TIA are very excited to offer their next workshop on Wi-Fi and Cellular Offloading as part of the Wireless and Cellular Network Workshop Series. The workshop will be held on February 11, 2015 at TIA headquarters in Arlington, VA.

For wireless communication in any form, Radio Frequency (RF) is the invisible medium. Fundamentals of RF remain the same whether you are dealing with cellular, satellite or microwave communication. One needs to understand the characteristics of RF and how our surroundings affect its behavior.

The world stops for a few days to delve into revolutionizing technologies at TIA’s Network of the Future conference.

Last year, for the first time, information and communications technology (ICT) industry spending grew faster in the U.S.

TIA believes that by taking an approach consistent with our views as the recommendations on improving cybersecurity and resilience through acquisition are implemented, the Federal government can continue to improve the resiliency of the ICT it purchases, from standard uses to those that are highly-sensitive and mission-critical. We look forward to future engagement with GSA, DoD, and other Federal agencies as policies are formulated and implemented pursuant to the EO and the Report.

Remote monitoring and PGHD should become elemental to the efficient delivery of healthcare. Right now, TIA is working with its members and other stakeholders to advance this cause, and we call on Congress and the Federal agencies to join us both in the short- and long-term. With this needed support, the U.S. healthcare system can pass the tipping point and move to a connected and enhanced system that will set the gold standard for the rest of the globe.

The Internet is “everything” – it positively impacts so many aspects of the personal and professional lives of people around the world, as well as being a vital mechanism for governments to deliver services to its citizens.

We hope that China will use this break in the negotiations to reexamine its approach to the negotiations to expand the ITA and focus on reducing its overly large list of sensitive products. If China is ready to move forward to conclude the expansion of the ITA this year then the ITA Expansion is achievable this year.


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