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TIA 2015: Network of the Future

Since joining TIA last November, I’ve been exposed to the enormity of challenges, as well as opportunities, facing our industry: new government regulations, disappearing revenue streams, dramatic shifts in the software-centric value chain, and new technologies emerging daily. These developments will continue to affect our industry for years to come – and TIA is the one association hosting needed conversations on these issues.

These conversations will take place through many TIA events and activities, and I encourage you to visit TIAonline.org for more details, but today I want to focus on our annual conference on the Network of the Future, taking place in June in Dallas.

TIA 2015 offers tremendous business value for you and your company. You will gather intelligence, information and inspiration from the visionaries TIA has assembled, and you will connect with the entire ecosystem of players – service providers, manufacturers, technologists and strategists, as well as representatives from the FCC and Congress.

During three days of keynotes, panel discussions and special events, these industry leaders will provide insight and intelligence on the dynamically changing outlook for mobile networks, the Internet of Things, software defined networking, tech policy and regulation, network infrastructure, new business models and much more. The conference will also spotlight emerging connectivity solutions in transportation, healthcare, smart retail and the energy sector.

Throughout the event, we’re going to challenge participants to “get their hands dirty” and identify solutions, share opportunities and call out the problems facing our industry.

I also want to point out that TIA 2015 will again host the AT&T Supplier Conference, where the company will discuss its supplier priorities for the year ahead, along with TIA’s Startup Competition, in which innovative tech start-ups will have their products and services judged by a panel of experts.

More details about TIA 2015 speakers and event content are posted on the conference website. I encourage you to register now to make certain your voice will be heard as we chart a course for the future of the network.

Scott Belcher
Chief Executive Officer