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Leading ICT Standards Group and Interoperable Public Safety Communications Non-Profit Announce Friendship Agreement

Arlington, VA (August 24, 2015) – The Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA), the leading association representing the manufacturers and suppliers of high-tech communications networks, and the Project 25 Technology Interest Group (PTIG), today announced a Friendship Agreement to facilitate communication regarding standards development for interoperable radio communications systems and equipment for public safety.

As an American National Standards Institute-accredited standard development organization, TIA develops design and manufacturing standards for digital voice and data communications systems suited for public safety and first responder applications. Specifically, TIA has developed a series of standards (TIA-102) for Project 25 (P25), which enables interoperability among multiple manufacturers’ products designed to the P25 standard.

PTIG is a non-profit organization made up of individuals and organizations who share the mutual interest of advancing the refinement, development, deployment, and applications of the digital communications technology represented by Project 25 industry standards. The P25 standard was developed by state, local and federal representatives and is governed by TIA’s Mobile and Personal Private Radio Standards Engineering Committee (TR-8). Radio equipment that demonstrates compliance with the P25 standard is able to meet a set of minimum requirements for public safety needs. Public safety agencies around the world depend on P25 for their mission critical communications.

Stephanie Montgomery, Vice President of Technology and Standards for TIA, said: “Today, the P25 standard for interoperable public safety communications is a robust technology solution deployed in more than 80 countries. Part of what makes this standard a success is that the technical work is informed by the user community and PTIG. This input and feedback allows TIA to address the specific needs of public safety communications professionals and advance the technology. TIA and PTIG’s friendship agreement recognizes and encourages this invaluable information sharing relationship to further develop and improve this critical communications standard.”

Del Smith, Operations Manager for Alaska Land Mobile Radio Communications and Chairman of Project 25 Technology Interest Group, said: “P25 technology has been very instrumental in the advances in public safety communications and interoperability we have seen over the years. The PTIG was formed to further this technology by educating people about the importance of the P25 standard. By providing a forum for vendors and the public safety communications community, PTIG will continue to inform TIA’s technical work to further build on and improve the P25 standard.”

Steve Nichols, Director of Project 25 Technology Interest Group, said: “P25 was created in a way that allows a very flexible type of deployment – from small municipalities to large statewide systems – because it was based on users’ needs. PTIG works with TIA to communicate this technology to the users – the patrol officers and the firefighters – so they can understand and provide input into the technical process, as well as to promote the use of the P25 technologies to advance interoperable public safety communications. We look forward to continuing this work with TIA to expand and improve this important technology.”

To watch a video interview about TIA and PTIG’s friendship agreement, click this link.

About PTIG

The Project 25 Technology Interest Group (PTIG) is a group of individuals and organizations who share the mutual interest of advancing the digital communications technology represented by Project 25 industry standards. Our vision is that P25 technology fulfills the promise of achieving the fullest potential for interoperability.  Interoperability is essential among multiple Government and Public Safety user agencies and multiple manufacturers. 

PTIG members include two-way radio communications experts, public safety professionals, and equipment manufacturers. Our members recognize the need for, and have a direct stake in, the continued development of the critical communications capabilities represented in the P25 standards.

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About TIA

The Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) represents manufacturers and suppliers of global communications networks through standards development, policy and advocacy, business opportunities, market intelligence, and events and networking. TIA enhances the business environment for broadband, mobile wireless, information technology, networks, cable, satellite and unified communications. Members' products and services empower communications in every industry and market, including healthcare, education, security, public safety, transportation, government, the military, the environment, and entertainment. Visit for more details.

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