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TIA Submits Policy Recommendations for Advancing Social and Economic Benefits of the Internet of Things to House Judiciary Committee Ahead of Hearing

Arlington, Va. (July 29, 2015) – The Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA), the leading association representing the manufacturers and suppliers of high-tech communications networks, today submitted its 2015 Internet of Things (IoT) policy recommendations - Realizing the Potential of the Internet of Things: Recommendations to Policy Makers - to the House Committee on Judiciary ahead of a hearing on the issue.

Many of the issues addressed at the hearing – especially the need to make certain government actions don’t hinder IoT innovation – are echoed in the recommendations outlined in TIA’s 2015 IoT white paper.

TIA CEO Scott Belcher said: “IoT is an immense opportunity to improve lives and communities around the globe, and to drive real economic growth here at home. However, a significant danger exists that policymakers will adopt a one-size-fits-all regulatory approach, imposing regulations in one market that are inappropriate for another, thus stifling innovation and delaying or degrading the economic and social potential of the IoT. By ensuring that policymakers pursue a path forward that is collaborative and pro-innovation, these social and economic benefits can materialize rapidly.”

The white paper offers a framework for policymakers to craft forward-looking laws and regulations that keep pace with innovation. Recommendations outlined in the report include:

  • Adhere to competition and technology neutrality principles;
  • Encourage and leverage voluntary, open, and consensus-based standards;
  • Employ regulatory approval approaches that are globally harmonized, transparent, and streamlined;
  • Utilize a spectrum policy that maximizes a continuity of connectivity;
  • Promote efforts to modernize wired media for IoT applications;
  • Utilize a voluntary, flexible, and collaborative approach to data security based on international standards; and
  • Ensure flexibility and feasibility in addressing data privacy.

TIA’s white paper Realizing the Potential of the Internet of Things: Recommendations to Policy Makers, is available to download at this link.

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