Health IT

TIA's Health Information Technology Working Group (HITWG) Charter is at this link.


TIA's Health Information Technology Working Group (HITWG) is committed to ensure that the U.S. health care system remains the safest and most efficient in the world by fully leveraging the broad array of solutions available in the health information technology ecosystem, which includes the devices, systems, software applications, and other technologies that store, share, and analyze health information, to enhance eCare.

TIA's HITWG advocates for the increased adoption and implementation of innovative information and communications technologies (ICT) that help bring health care systems into the 21st century. Advanced communications services such as remote patient monitoring can connect patients, health care providers, and medical professionals in ways never seen before.

By leveraging these new communications technologies that enable eCare solutions, such as the transmission of electronic health records (EHRs) and the real-time sharing of patient-generated health data (PGHD), and allowing face-to-face visits without the obstacles of time and location, Americans can realize the full potential of a modern health care system.


  • Promote the role of ICT to increase the quality of care and health benefits for Americans, reduce costs and increase savings for patients.
  • Support the adoption of interoperable EHRs and the use of open, voluntary and consensus-based industry standards that for interoperability of health information exchange systems.
  • Advocate for federal policies that promote the widespread adoption and implementation of telehealth services.

Recent Activity

Find recent TIA Health IT filings at this link.