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    AT&T's VP of Strategic Initiatives Rachel Kutz, and Matt Bruening, VP of Supply Chain Sourcing, speak with TIA NOW about the the desired characteristics of a good supplier, the importance of compliance and sustainability in supplier relationships, the effects disaggregation are having on the supply chain, and what AT&T needs from its suppliers.

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  • Why are there so few women in the Telecom industry? How will diversity play a role in meeting the needs of a growing ICT workforce? TIA NOW is joined by TIA board members Betty Manetta, President and CEO of Argent Associates... Kanchana Raman, President and CEO of Avion Networks… and Jennifer Sims, CEO of Power and Tel to discuss.

  • Innovation is connecting us to the outside world while we’re behind the wheel. What’s in store for our connected vehicle future? Jeni Panhorst, Sr. Director of Strategy & Programs, Network Platforms Group at Intel, and Steve Schwinke, Director of Advanced Development and Concepts at General Motors join TIA NOW to discuss the future of connected vehicles.

  • In order to build out the next generation infrastructure, data processing power will have to take place at the edge of a network. TIA NOW welcomes Don Byrne, Managing Partner at Metrix411, Jim Young, Global Enterprise DC Lead at Commscope, and Harry Smeenk, TIA’s Vice President of Program Development to announce TIA’s new Edge Data Center position paper.

  • IT versus network is the battle at the intersection of the NFV culture war. What are the plans for making large-scale changes to the way we staff, train and manage our network operations teams? Rajan R N, Head of SDN Labs & B/OSS Practices at Prodapt joins TIA NOW to discuss.

  • The FCC took action at its September Open Meeting to move forward with its Wireless Infrastructure Order aimed at streamline 5G deployment across the U.S. John Godfrey of Samsung, Jeff Marks of Nokia, and Dileep Srihari of TIA discuss the details of the FCC’s Order, what it means for wireless infrastructure build-out across the U.S. and how it will help ensure America’s leadership in the global race to 5G.

  • Where was the spotlight at Mobile World Congress Americas 2018? TIA’s VP of Program Development, Harry Smeenk joins TIA NOW to discuss the roles AI and VR will play in our 5G mobile future.

  • For the first time in history, we have at our disposal a truly native digital medium for validating information and value exchange. It is blockchain. But what are the implications of blockchain moving forward? Shane Tews, President of Logan Circle Strategies, and a Visiting Fellow at The American Enterprise Institute joins TIA NOW  with insights.

  • As the telecom industry creates life-saving, productivity enhancing new technologies, what are the physiological and psychological implications of a digital future on users? David Bain, CEO and Founder of the Technology Safety Council, and member of TIA’S TR-34 Satellite Engineering Standards Committee joins TIA NOW with his insights.

  • Creating a security infrastructure for autonomous vehicles is a difficult task when V2V and IoT infrastructures have yet to mature. But it must be done. David Pickeral, a strategic advisor to venture capital and private equity firms joins TIA NOW with insights.

  • She who controls the interactions to services, controls all. Perhaps not, but the northbound api race is going to create a competitive advantage to the “winner” that manufacturers are scrambling to capture. Hema Kadia is Vice President and Head of Strategy and Practice at Prodapt, and she joins us to discuss the race to northbound API supremacy.

  • Is the auto industry ready for the ongoing customer relationships necessary with connected cars? Can GM own the contemporary automobile experience they way Spotify owns today's music listening experience? Steve Schwinke, Director of Advanced Development and Concepts at GM speaks with TIA NOW about the present state and future of connected vehicles.

  • When ultra-broadband communications combine with intelligent building platforms, and then integrate with 5G, smart buildings will become the foundation that enables the creation of smart communities. So, what’s next for smart building development? TIA NOW speaks with John Foley, General Manager of the Safer Buildings Coalition, and John Ricci, VP of Corporate Development At Next Edge Networks.

  • What is a primary way your organization can differentiate itself from competitors? Better customer experience. But creating a better customer journey is both a science and an art. Hans Schmolke, CEO Of Metrinomics, And Ken Koffman, SVP Technology & Standards at TIA visit TIA NOW to discuss the customer experience journey for business.

  • A company needs more than just high-quality products and services these days. Customers are prioritizing corporate social responsibility, and holding companies accountable for effecting social change. What's behind this movement? TIA Board Member Betty Manetta, President & CEO of Argent Associates, Soles4Souls (www.soles4souls.org) President and CEO, Buddy Teaster, and TIA’s CEO Wes Johnston talk about this #TIACARES initiative.

  • Virtualizing the network will create a larger attack surface for cyber-criminals. What cybersecurity solutions should be implemented immediately? Carlos Solari, VP of Cybersecurity Services at Comodo, Travis Russell, Senior Director of Cybersecurity at Oracle, John Schiel, Principal InfoSec Engineer at CenturyLink, and Arnab Roy, Researcher at Fujitsu Laboratories of America join TIA Now for a lively debate about the path forward.