TIA Smart Buildings Standards Working Group – December 7, 2017

You are invited to join us on December 7th, 2017 for the launch of TIA’s Smart Buildings Working Group for Wireless and Other Critical ICT Infrastructure

…being held in conjunction with Small Cell Forum’s Plenary in San Jose, CA

Date: December 7, 2:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Location: Doubletree by Hilton Hotel, San Jose, CA
Contact: Limor Schafman @ lschafman@tiaonline.org


TIA & Small Cell Forum Partner on Smart Buildings

TIA and Small Cell Forum are partnering to develop definitions, classifications, specifications, standards and other documentation which will further the deployment of small cells within the context of Smart Buildings and Smart Communities.

To that end, as a continuation of the Small Cell Forum Plenary meetings taking place on December, 7th, TIA will launch its Smart Buildings Working Group to hold the first discussions on market needs, initial courses of action and deliverables.

Goal of the Smart Buildings Working Group

TIA is hosting a series of exploratory working groups for Smart Buildings. The purpose of the Smart Buildings Working Group initiative is to determine how to support best practices of smart buildings as communications and other ICT technologies continue to develop which are incorporated into, connected to, and attached to real property.

The goal of the Working Group is to evaluate industry needs and drive market acceleration for smart building solutions by providing standards, criteria, documentation, training, and other related knowledge transfer vehicles. Over the course of the next several months, TIA will be holding a series of meetings with a variety of stakeholders in the commercial smart buildings sector including companies focused on communications technologies (wireless in general including small cell/DAS, fiber, WiFi), real property (real estate owners, developers, architects, construction, real estate brokers, building managers and operators), tenant usage, energy and smart grid, finance, smart communities and others.

Subcommittees to the Working Group, which include a cross-section of these stakeholders, will be developed to conduct deep dives and development on particular issues. This Working Group and the subcommittees will be action-forward and deliverables-focused to solve issues faced by the ecosystem.

Residential & Commercial properties to be discussed will include: Office, Industrial, Retail, Hospitality, Learning Institutions, Healthcare, Parking, and Multi-tenant Residential Properties.

Topics include:

  1. Individual components and services
  2. Market IoT/smart building solutions in an integrated network environment
  3. Operational readiness measurement / classification to meet end customer expectations
  4. Roadmaps and technology evolution
  5. Security and operational risk management
  6. Orchestration and scheduling of lifecycle management events across the supplier ecosystem
  7. Development of protocol and standards to facilitate interoperability, authorization, access and movement of facilitating data services across licensed and unlicensed operator networks
  8. Interrelationship between smart buildings and smart communities

Potential Longer-term Outcomes Include:

  • Thought Leadership Whitepapers
  • Best Practices
  • Training Materials
  • Specifications
  • Analytics
  • Use Cases
  • Templates and Business Case Examples
  • Standards and Codes
  • Certification
  • Assurance Opportunities


Dec 7
2:00 PM
2:20 PM

Welcome and Objective Setting

2:20 PM
2:30 PM

Small Cell Forum Presentation on Work in Smart Buildings

The Small Cell Forum has developed information and documentation regarding the use of small cells in enterprise. This presentation will provide a brief update on the latest progress.

2:30 PM
3:30 PM

Introductions and Expectations

3:30 PM
3:45 PM


3:45 PM
4:30 PM

Identification and Prioritization of Top Opportunities / Expectations

4:30 PM
4:45 PM

Identification of Roles & Responsibilities

4:45 PM
5:00 PM


5:00 PM

Closing Summary / Next Steps Identification